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The lights, capable of displaying up to 256 colors, will connect the County Government Hall, plaza, and digital Christmas tree-which is to be erected in the center-in an effort to transform the area into an enchanting wonderland of festive cheer.
These programmable pushbutton switches and displays feature a programmable and changeable OLED module with 65,536 colors in 16-bit mode, and 256 colors in 8-bit mode.
Each small 1" square can have as many as 256 colors that can "store" up to 96 characters of information.
The a ezLCD-001-EDK serial LCD module features a 2.7-inch active color matrix TFT LCD display with 256 colors, embedded processor and LCD controller.
Hyperspectral sensors, which have been under development for more than a decade, can discern 256 colors to detect anomalies in terrain.
The British Ordnance Survey (OS) scans maps between 254 dpi and 400 dpi in a non-compressed TIFF file with 256 colors. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has done a lot of map scanning work.
VGA: Video graphics array is the basic computer-video graphics standard, offering a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (16 colors) or 320 x 200 pixels (256 colors).
The Food Safety Planner comes on a CD-ROM and has the following minimum hardware requirements: Pentium 100 MHz processor, 32 MB of RAM, 20 MB of hard disk space, and a VGA-compatible monitor running 640 x 480 x 256 colors.
Other new features include improved keyboard chat, which has been integrated into both the host and participant's command module; enhanced viewport, which allows users to click and drag the viewport anywhere on their desktop; participant transparency tools, which allow users to launch the transparency tools to share in the collaboration process; WebDemo Reports Page, which enables administrators to generate daily, weekly, monthly or specific range reports on the number of current active users, number of current active sessions and the number of total sessions for range; and true color representation, which makes available between 256 colors and high color (16-bit to 24-bit) for added enhancement to the viewport.
Macintosh OS 8.0 mm,, 8MB; Windows 95 min., 90 MHz Pentium mm., 16MB; for both: 256 colors, Internet connection for access to Internet features.
The 3500 Series Servo III Digitronic[R] Auger Filler features a touch screen operator interface With improved graphics offering a range of 256 colors for viewing such items as hopper level control.