June 26

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June 26


Airing the Classics (Sixth day of sixth lunar month) Jun 26, 2020

Birthday of the Goddess of Mercy (March-April, 19th day of third lunar month; October-November, 19th day of 10th lunar month) Jun 26, 2013

Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Kiel Week (Last full week in June)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Army and Navy DayAzerbaijan
Independence DayMadagascar
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Blue Planet Investment Management Ltd announces that at close of business on 26 June 2015 the unaudited Net Asset Value (Cum-income) for the above trust was 56.
Last date for Submission: 26 June 2015 Upto12:00 PM
ISLAMABAD, June 25, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Friday issued instructions to all Customs Collectorate to remain open on Sunday 26 June, 2011 as normal working day in order to facilitate the trade in making Maximum use of the relief/amnesty measures announced recently.
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The carrier is also increasing the frequency of its services from TCCA to Quebec City with six flights per week on the route from 26 June.
LONDON, June 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Royal Dutch Shell plc announces that on 26 June, 2007 it purchased for cancellation 750,000 "A" Shares at a price of 29.
The 101st Zellcheming Annual General Meeting with Expo will be held from 26 June to 29 June 2006 in the Rhein-Main-Hallen of Wiesbaden, Germany.
In a separate announcement on 26 June, France's Administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d'Etat) reaffirmed Esprit Telecom's right to receive the single digit carrier select code '6'.
The estimated un-audited net asset value, calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of Investment Companies, for Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC at the close of business on 26 June 2015 was 2028.
This transaction, which was completed on 26 June 2007, should be seen as a step in the preparation of this process, the company added.