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These keys and functional dependencies are used by the classifier along with the decision tree to classify whether the corresponding answer written by the answer belongs to 1NF, 2NF, 3NF or BCNF.
When using the general definitions of the second and third normal forms (2NF and 3NF for short) we must be aware of partial and transitive dependencies on all candidate keys and not just the primary key.
Caffi Maes, Castle Square, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 2NF (01286 673075)
(1) Sparsholt College Hampshire, Westley Lane, Sparsholt, Winchester, SO21 2NF, UK.
Parameter Value Description [V.sub.max] 45 V Maximum voltage Freq_m 50 Hz Output frequency Freq_p 4000 Hz Switching frequency d 1.5kV/[micro]s Output Slew Rate [L.sub.s] 0.53 mH Longitudinal inductance of cable feeder [R.sub.s] 1.03 m[ohm] Longitudinal resistance of cable feeder [C.sub.p] 2nF Transversal capacitance of cable feeder [d.sub.c] 5 m Length of cable feeder [R.sub.a] 24.2 m[ohm] Resistance of the stator coil [L.sub.a] 3.53 mH Inductance of the stator coil [C.sub.sf] 3.45 nF Capacitance between stator coli and frame [C.sub.sr] 17 pF Capacitance between stator coli and rotor [C.sub.rf] 263 pF Capacitance between rotor and frame [C.sub.b] 3nF Capacitance of the bearings Table 4.
Fac??The Four Seasons Hotel, St Fillans, Perthshire, PH6 2NF. Visit www.thefourseasonshotel.co.uk or call 01764 685 333.
To join the society contact Mrs M Smith, membership secretary, 6 Girton Close, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 2NF. Telephone 0191 586 6259.
I personally like the 1st floor as my favorite because you have the ability to make a quick escape if you have to via the window or exit stairs, however I'll take the 2nf floor, too, as then I don't have the worry that someone will climb in through the window and steal my laptop and favorite pair of underwear when I go to dinner.
Christie (Industrial) Ltd - Total Torque Solutions, Christie House, Meadowbank Road, Rotherham S61 2NF