March 2

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March 2


Alahamady Be (First new moon in March) Mar 2, 2022

Bal du Rat Mort (First Saturday in March) Mar 2, 2013; Mar 2, 2019

Drymiais (March 1-3)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Mar 2, 2012; Mar 2, 2013; Mar 2, 2014; Mar 2, 2017; Mar 2, 2018; Mar 2, 2019; Mar 2, 2023

Omizutori Matsuri (March 1-14)

Town Meeting Day (First Tuesday of March) Mar 2, 2021
Celebrated in: Vermont

Legal Holidays by Countries

Adwa Victory DayEthiopia
Declaration of Jamahiriya DayLibya
Peasants' DayMyanmar

Legal Holidays in United States

Texas Independence DayTexas
Town Meeting DayVermont
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Friends please meet for service at Whitley Bay Crematorium on Friday 2nd March at 11.
Pidgeon & Son, 539 Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park, Cardiff (02920 226604) until the Requiem Mass on Friday 2nd March at 11.
Vlodomyr the Great Church, Broad Street on Friday 2nd March at 1.
Funeral service will be held at Falkirk Crematorium, on Friday, 2nd March 2018 at 10.
Middle East is the first international region to launch &TV and we are proud to simultaneously launch the same on 2nd March along with India.
The Grammy Award winner will appear at the Oscars for the first time on 2nd March.
The 19X19 meters white peace dove, with a design that follows the UAE's national colours highlighting the UAE's stature as a peace-loving country, is rising at the Burj Khalifa complex, was sponsored by Emr Properties and is spearheaded by Iraqi extreme sportsman Captain Fareed Lafta, 33, a goodwill ambassador and peace-campaigner who roped in Dubai school children from 2nd March to build the dove over seven days.
Catch the drama unfold on Saturday, 2nd March at 9 pm only on zoOm - India's No.
PNN On Saturday, 2nd March, at 7:30 PM, AICafe invite you to join for a screening of the film Football and Barriers and discussion with the film's director, Arturo Hartmann.
Kavinsky announces debut album Outrun on Mercury Records - London launch party 2nd March 2013
Friday 2nd March, 2012 will be devoted for CME for PG trainees/Psychologists practitioners and two special workshops on Communication Skills for Junior Doctors/Trainee Psychologists and Behavioral Modification Strategies in Children will be held in the Department of Psychiatry KEMU/Mayo Hospital, Lahore as preconference CME program.
Also another group of 54 Sri Lankan migrant workers from Sirt, Libya arrived in Malta on the 1st of March and they were flown back to Sri Lanka on 2nd March.