3D rendering

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3D rendering

Following is a summary of the 3D content in this encyclopedia.

Stereoscopic 3D Using Glasses
See anaglyph 3D, active 3D, polarized 3D, 3D glasses and 3D visualization.

Stereoscopic 3D Without Glasses
See lenticular 3D, parallax 3D and 3D visualization.

Stereoscopic 3D Stills
See stereoscope.

Stereoscopic 3D Immersion
See virtual reality.

3D Computer-Aided Design
See CAD.
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CyberWorld 3D'' also features an IMAX 3-D rendering of a scene from ``Antz'' and some fantastic animated shorts that will undoubtedly inspire wonder.
Ledley and colleagues report first 3-D rendering of anatomic structures from CT scans.
The IC3D can handle real-time 3-D rendering and interweaving, color processing, camera processing, scaling and the real-time depth calculation of 2-D content.
The BASS Masters Classic: Tournament Edition, which began shipping to retailers Tuesday, is among the first THQ titles to include the 3-D rendering technology acquired when the company bought Arlington, Mass.
The 3-D rendering software generates 3-D maps on the display and provides the viewers with realistic images of their driving route or destination.
Together the frame and image ``skin'' form a fully-rotatable, dimensionally correct, 3-D rendering of the photographed object.
By utilizing b3d, and its complementary Digital Projector, viewers can easily and quickly enjoy the most sophisticated story telling and 3-D rendering engine available via the Internet today.
Nasdaq/NMS:MODA) Wednesday announced that the company will be demonstrating its 3-D rendering and visualization technologies at Intel Corp.
The Velocity 4400 features a unique combination of high-performance 2-D graphics, high-quality video playback and high-speed 3-D rendering for Direct3D and OpenGL applications.
This new accelerator delivers outstanding 2-D graphics, superior Windows compatible video playback capabilities, and high-speed 3-D rendering for Direct3D and OpenGL interfaces.
Argonaut is responsible for one of the first 3-D acceleration chips ever shipped in mass-market quantities, and continues to lead the pack by developing high-performance RISC cores and cutting-edge real-time 3-D rendering technology.