3D glasses

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3D glasses

There are three types of 3D eyeglasses that correspond to the three ways stereo frames are separated for 3D effects: anaglyph, polarized and active. For more about each method, see anaglyph 3D, polarized 3D, active 3D and 3D visualization.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses
Red/cyan, red/blue and red/green glasses are available in paper and plastic frames. See anaglyph 3D. (Image courtesy of Rainbow Symphony, Inc., www.rainbowsymphony.com)

Polarized "Passive" 3D Glasses
Used in the cinema, as well as passive 3D TV sets, these RealD glasses use polarized lenses in ordinary eyeglass frames. See polarized 3D. (Image courtesy of RealD, www.reald.com)

Active 3D Shutter Glasses
For gaming and active 3D TV sets, LCD lenses open and close in sync with the stereo frames. Accepting infrared (IR) signals beamed from the monitor, these are NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. For ceiling-mounted movie projectors, radio frequency (RF) signals are used instead of IR. See active 3D, RF shutter glasses and 3D Vision. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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Andy Tait, Business Development Director of Superscape VR plc added, "Undoubtedly the Web is going to go 3-D with products such as our 3-D viewer, Viscape, and the speed of the processor will become an increasingly important issue as users demand high-speed interaction with complex, ever-more realistic environments.
The Superscape 3-D Viewer is a fully compatible plug-in application to Netscape Navigator, the most popular browser for navigating the Internet.
Leveraging its experience of nearly 10 years as the oldest company worldwide focused exclusively on products and technologies for PC-based virtual reality, Superscape was able to make Superscape 3-D Viewer work faster than other 3-D Internet tools, commonly known as VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) browsers.
Combining the speed of the Superscape 3-D viewer and rich, interactive worlds built using Superscape's authoring tools, Internet users will now be able to navigate in real-time through the most realistic and useful virtual worlds ever developed for the PC.
toy manufacturer markets a broad range of products worldwide, including a wide variety of Sesame Street(R) preschool toys, Tyco(R) radio control vehicles, View-Master(R) 3-D Viewers, Magna Doodle(R) drawing toys and Matchbox diecast vehicles and playsets.