December 31

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December 31


Cali Fair (Last week in December)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Dec 31, 2011; Dec 31, 2015; Dec 31, 2016; Dec 31, 2020; Dec 31, 2021; Dec 31, 2022

Ladouvane (December 31; June 24)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis throughout the WorldAzerbaijan
End of the Year Public HolidayCuba
New Year's EveArmenia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Panama, Philippines, San Marino, Thailand

Legal Holidays in United States

New Year's EveAmerican Samoa, Michigan, West Virginia
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Such beneficiaries are required to enrol for Aadhaar by 31st of December and provide their Aadhaar number or enrolment ID.
Vodafone Qatar will announce its financial results for the quarter ending 31st of December 2013 on Wednesday 29th of January 2014.
Caption: Junius, Managing Partner of Deloitte Namibia who is leaving the company on the 31st of December.
But last night, Task Force Helmand commander Brigadier Bob Bruce said: "I trained a force to come over here and 500 of that force will be at home on the 31st of December.
I declare this day, the 31st of December, on which the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq is complete, as a national day," said Maliki in a televised ceremony, surrounded by security officials in dress uniforms.
As the clock strikes twelve at the 31st of December, it's like a whole new beginning for some people, and for others it's merely a change of a page of calendar.
I declare this year, the 31st of December, on which the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq is complete, as a national day," Maliki said in a speech on the occasion.
The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a draft law on exempting the businessmen subscribed at the General Organization for Social Insurance from all interests, additional amounts and fines owing to delay in paying all sums due if they pay them by the 31st of December, 2011.
Under the terms, Altera Resources will earn a 50% interest in an existing exploration project and will act as manager for the expenditure of a minimum of A$500,000 by the 31st of December 2011.
Against this backdrop, the eurozone got something of a mild boost when it welcomed its 17th member at midnight on the 31st of December.
The Russian ban on exports which was due to end on the 31st of December was reportedly extended to after the next harvest, which added a further spike to prices"
According to Paul Aakerlund, a board member at Saab as reported in Bloomberg, 'It's our understanding that if there's a bid that GM finds sufficiently interesting, then the 31st of December is not a date that's holy.