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The module uses a 384 kHz PWM frequency to output 200 watts per channel into 8[OMEGA] performance metrics include a THD + N of less than 0.
Larry Ho, President of LH Labs, said, "We were the first company to release a 32 bit / 384 kHz DAC back in 2011 and the only one to produce a 10 GB bandwidth USB cable.
y las bondades del sonido, entre los 192 kHz y 384 kHz.
32-bit upsampling to 384 kHz (48kHz/96kHz/192kHz input)
For the digital modulation test, a 384 kbps, [pi]/4-DQPSK digital modulation signal with channel spacing of 384 kHz is applied to the RF transceiver.
in] = -94 dBm) Digital modulation: 384 kbps, [pi]/4 DQPSK, channel spacing = 384 kHz TABLE IV MEASURED CHARACTERISTICS OF A 2.
Geek Out V2 is designed using the same principles found in their flagship product, Da Vinci DAC, and is capable of playing ultra high resolution audio up to 32 bit / 384 kHz & DSD128 natively.
1kHz, systems will be eight times filtered with a PWM frequency of 384 kHz.