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2005 - Active contact lenses; virtual reality screens in living rooms; personal health monitors and a 3D fax.
Raindrop Geomagic also envisions the use of their technology for custom manufacturing, Digital Inventories(TM), and as the underlying software for 3D appliances such as 3D printers, 3D copiers, and 3D fax machines.
In the longer term, Raindrop Geomagic envisions the use of their technology as the underlying software that will make 3D appliances such as 3D printers, 3D copiers and 3D fax machines as commonplace as 2D printers, copiers and faxes are today.
One page of 3D FAX can contain 30 text pages, and can be password protected.
In addition, since 3D FAX employs compression and advanced image processing technologies, fax transmission time can be reduced by 90% or more.
Along with the significant cost savings and convenience from reduced fax transmission times, 3D FAX provides complete error detection and recovery along with unique privacy and security features -- all available from a user-friendly Windows application and existing PC faxware.
When printed by a fax machine, the 3D FAX transmitted file appears as visually uninterpretable, black and white rectangular grids referred to as an "infoimage.
3D FaxScan, bundled with 3D FAX standard software, has a list price of $249.
is the worldwide marketing, sales and support headquarters for 3D FAX software and its associated products.
3D FAX reduces fax transmission time by up to 98%, resulting in significant savings in telephone charges.
0 offers all of the benefits provided in the 3D FAX Software family, including:
According to InfoImaging's vice president of sales and marketing, Doug Wathor, "Using 3D FAX to transmit files offers a number of advantages over other methods.