3D glasses

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3D glasses

There are three types of 3D eyeglasses that correspond to the three ways stereo frames are separated for 3D effects: anaglyph, polarized and active. For more about each method, see anaglyph 3D, polarized 3D, active 3D and 3D visualization.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses
Red/cyan, red/blue and red/green glasses are available in paper and plastic frames. See anaglyph 3D. (Image courtesy of Rainbow Symphony, Inc., www.rainbowsymphony.com)

Polarized "Passive" 3D Glasses
Used in the cinema, as well as passive 3D TV sets, these RealD glasses use polarized lenses in ordinary eyeglass frames. See polarized 3D. (Image courtesy of RealD, www.reald.com)

Active 3D Shutter Glasses
For gaming and active 3D TV sets, LCD lenses open and close in sync with the stereo frames. Accepting infrared (IR) signals beamed from the monitor, these are NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. For ceiling-mounted movie projectors, radio frequency (RF) signals are used instead of IR. See active 3D, RF shutter glasses and 3D Vision. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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The team researched types of invisible ink on the market and suppliers of small UV flashlight pens that could pass child-safe certification standards and paper 3D glasses that could be printed with graphics and logos.
| Above, Michael O'Hare and show judge, celebrity chef Marcus |Wareing, in 3D glasses, ready to eat last night's dish, left.
The detailed illustrations are pretty muddy and lacklustre without the 3D glasses, of course, but put them on and the effect is simply stunning - I defy anyone not to reach out to the page when they look at it because the depth is breathtaking.
“I've seen other games that call themselves 3D, but this is the first one I've had to wear 3D glasses for!” said GR88 Casino Manager David Hollingsworth.
The DOMO nHance CM610P 3D glasses are biker styled designed with splendid looks.
What bugs me is that I have to buy 3D glasses every time I watch a 3D movie.
Being a 3D smartphone, Micromax claims that users won't need to wear 3D glasses to consume content on the smartphone.
In combination with the system's infrared head-motion tracking, stereo sound and DLP stereoscopic 3D glasses, users can interact with virtual equipment (e.g., pumps, valves, gauges) and freely navigate through large virtual environments such as power plants.
HOW TO CLAIM TO claim your free 3D posters (40cm x 50cm) and 3D glasses, you need to have collected two out of the three tokens we have been printing since Mon Jan 14.
The cost-effect passive glasses are lightweight and hassle-free as compared to active 3D glasses. BenQ Passive 3D glasses allow for a wider viewing angle providing better depth and enhanced picture quality.
Free 46-inch TV plus six 3D glasses worth Dh3,498 with purchase of 46-inch Samsung Smart TV for Dh8,999.