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3D glasses

There are three types of 3D eyeglasses that correspond to the three ways stereo frames are separated for 3D effects: anaglyph, polarized and active. For more about each method, see anaglyph 3D, polarized 3D, active 3D and 3D visualization.

Anaglyph 3D Glasses
Red/cyan, red/blue and red/green glasses are available in paper and plastic frames. See anaglyph 3D. (Image courtesy of Rainbow Symphony, Inc., www.rainbowsymphony.com)

Polarized "Passive" 3D Glasses
Used in the cinema, as well as passive 3D TV sets, these RealD glasses use polarized lenses in ordinary eyeglass frames. See polarized 3D. (Image courtesy of RealD, www.reald.com)

Active 3D Shutter Glasses
For gaming and active 3D TV sets, LCD lenses open and close in sync with the stereo frames. Accepting infrared (IR) signals beamed from the monitor, these are NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. For ceiling-mounted movie projectors, radio frequency (RF) signals are used instead of IR. See active 3D, RF shutter glasses and 3D Vision. (Image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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We proposed the use of virtual on-screen models that may be manipulated by means of 3D viewers. Their manipulation helps students with the process of mental rotation of objects.
The Sony rep followed up our query by saying that the HMZ-T2 is a personal 3D viewer and multiplayer action isn't really a "private" thing, so the purpose the device serves becomes different.
Sony claims the Personal 3D Viewer shows a picture equivalent to viewing a 750-inch projection screen from 65 feet away.
The Personal 3D Viewer is scheduled to be available in the USA in November 2011, priced at approximately USD799.
The 3D solution supports Fuji's drive to provide a single-source radiological system that includes RIS, mammography, 3D, and reporting and decision support, and is intended to negate the need for Synapse users to install a third-party 3D viewer. Obliquus is available outside the U.S.
Version 2 of FLO/PCB software--developed specifically to enable electronic and thermal engineers to collaborate on PC board designs--provides a new 3D viewer and a conduction-cooled operating environment.
Clicking the 3D button brings up a smaller window, the 3D Viewer, with a perspective of the portion of Mars currently displayed in the main window.
OFFER A: Harry Potter 3D Viewer. This gift comes complete with 24 slides.
WITNESS 2003 supports a new release of the 3D Viewer technology and offers a platform for new device plug-ins.
PartsWorks.com has also added a keyword search engine for quicker location of components and a browser-based 3D viewer for previewing any one of the millions of 3D parts in real time.
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