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(3rd Generation Partnership Project) A cooperation of international standards bodies for the development of high-speed cellular services. Established in 1998, 3GPP has been involved with all the cellular standards including GSM, CDMA and LTE, starting with 3G through 4G and beyond. See cellular generations.

3GPP - GSM (UMTS Umbrella)
For GSM carriers, the first 3G specification was WCDMA, which was based on the CDMA air interface and a departure from GSM's TDMA. WCDMA was followed by HSPA. For more information, visit www.3gpp.org. See WCDMA, HSPA, GSM, CDMA and TDMA.

3GPP2 - CDMA (IMT-2000 Umbrella)
For CDMA2000 carriers, the first 3G specification was 1X, followed by EV-DO. 3GPP2 supports QCELP speech in addition to 3GPP formats. For more information, visit www.3gpp2.org. See CDMA, CDMA2000, QCELP and IMT-2000.

Convergence into LTE
With support from 3GPP and 3GPP2, GSM and CDMA carriers worldwide are converging their networks into 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution). See LTE and LTE Advanced.
3GPP LTE CATEGORIESUSER EQUIPMENT (UE) UE       Down  Up    MIMOCategory  (Mbps)   Antennas 3GPP Release 8 (2008)
    1       10    5     1
    2       51   26     2
    3      102   51     2
    4      151   51     2
    5      300   75     4

    6      301   51     2/4
    7      301  102     2/4
    8     2999 1498     8

  3GPP Release 11 (2012)
    9      452   51     2/4
   10      452  102     2/4

  3GPP Release 12 (2015)
    0**      1    1     1
   11      603   51     2/4
   12      603  102     2/4
   13      392   51     2/4
   14      392  102     2/4
   15     3917 1498     8

  ** Cat-0 also known as "LTE-M."

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With its complete end-to-end 3GPP solutions, including chipsets, devices, and complete network solutions, the Company enables mobile operators and other new wireless entrants from the government, consumer electronics, and other sectors, to deliver a new generation of wireless services.
Agilent's 89600 VSA software features a number of new capabilities for LTE modulation analysis including support for the 3GPP December 2009 standard and associated eNB and UE transmitter conformance test updates.
The Xilinx 3GPP LTE platform with the embedded high performance, low power digital signal processing capabilities of Virtex-5 FPGAs enables operators to achieve significant cost savings in the development and operation of LTE radio equipment.
This process promotes open standards like 3GPP Packet-Switched Streaming Services (PSS), and also provides the path by which new additions to these standards may be technically reviewed, tested, and deployed to the market faster.
The R&S FSQ and R&S FSG signal analyzers are now capable of analyzing transmitter modules of forthcoming 3GPP LTE mobile phones.
The agreed 3GPP HNB architecture follows an access network-based approach, leveraging the existing Iu-cs and Iu-ps interfaces into the core service network.
a leader in video-compression software and solutions, announced today that its Flix Engine 3GPP products will be used to provide mobile video support to TF1's WAT.
Specifically, the NEC and Kineto proposal details how a fully defined 'Iu-over-IP' interface can quickly be achieved through a few minor extensions to the existing 3GPP GAN standard.
The products demonstrated at the CTIA Wireless show will be the On2 Flix Engine 3GPP and On2 TrueMobile mobile video system.
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