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Se puede probar que un reticulo 4-dimensional es primitivo si y solo si su forma cuadratica reducida asociada, escrita en la forma (2), no tiene parametros [p.
In a 4-dimensional generalized Ricci recurrent Riemannian manifold with generalized recurrent energy momentum tensor which is without cosmological constant, an Einstein tensor is generalized Ricci-recurrent if and only if the manifold is semi-Einstein.
The Sudbury Deep Drilling Project, billed to be the largest earth science project in Canada, will gather information to be analyzed by Laurentian University's Virtual Reality Laboratory and formed into a 4-dimensional model of Sudbury's geological evolution.
In a similar way, the presence of 9th, 10th, and 11th dimensional vacuum energies in living organisms increases the roundness of 4-dimensional space-time around it.
We indicate, with the aid of Figure 6, how to so embed our 4-dimensional p-meshes.
Flint Ink's GlobalInk 4-Dimensional Color Technology allows color measurement transmission over the Internet, and Arrowjet Permanent Black Ink Jet Technology is made with pigments instead of dyes.
or the incorporation of 15N labelled amino acids into proteins for 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional NMR studies.
For ErgoSmart[TM], Tech Center scientists were able to create a 4-dimensional sleep system that moves with the body no matter what position and its unique design reduces sheer force.
Mechanical forces are therefore as important as biochemical activity in this process and precise 4-dimensional imaging of cells within the embryo reveals intense surface dynamics, regulated by contractile and adhesion proteins.
3] and we give in [12] an analogue for 3-dimensional homogeneous manifolds with 4-dimensional isometry group, as well as for surfaces into pseudo-Riemannian space forms [6] and Lorentzian products [13].
One can conclude that leptons are 3-dimensional objects, geometrically different from the quarks which require a 4-dimensional space for their existence.
For example, one can embed a circle into the boundary of a 4-dimensional ball so that the result is any given knot.