100 Gigabit Ethernet

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100 Gigabit Ethernet

An Ethernet standard that transmit at 100 gigabits per second (100 Gbps). Officially, the IEEE 802.3bm-2015 standard, which defines 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GbE) and also 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) over fiber cables. The 40 Gbe is designed for use within the organization between servers and the Ethernet switch, while 100 GbE is geared to long-distance switch-to-switch transmission.

Multiple Lanes
For 100 GbE, the modulation scheme breaks 100 Gbps into four 25 Gbps data lanes by first splitting the 100 into two polarized streams, each of which is then modulated into two 25 Gbps streams. See 25 Gigabit Ethernet, Terabit Ethernet and Ethernet.

DistanceinMeters  Medium      Designation

    1     Copper       40GBASE-KR4
           Backplane  100GBASE-KR4

    7     Copper       40GBASE-CR4

  100-    Multimode    40GBASE-SR4
   125     Fiber      100GBASE-SR10

  10 km   Singlemode   40GBASE-LR4
           Fiber      100GBASE-LR10

 100 km   Singlemode  100GBASE-ER10
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With the 100 GbE platform, the Cloud Xpress family includes three solutions, optimized for 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE interfaces.
To cope, in the past, as bandwidth requirements grew, network operators had to transition from 1 GbE to 10 GbE networks and then again from 10 GbE to 40 GbE.
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The HP 10500 supports four-port 40 GbE with the addition of new line cards and uses HP Intelligent Resilient Framework, an HP innovation that allows multiple switches to be virtualised and operate as a single switch.
They will also support 40 GbE and 100 GbE; use of OM4 fiber may allow extended range and/or an increase in the number of connection points for high data-rate applications.
According to the company, the new member of the Prestera CX family of packet processors offers high performance with multiple 40 GbE and 10 GbE ports and line rate switching capability of 720 million packets per second (Mpps).
While 40 GbE is still in the development stage, the wide-scale deployment of 10-GbE servers would be the driving force behind 10 GbE meeting the expectations of those in the industry, who are judging the success of 10 GbE on the number of ports shipped.
The Arista 7050 Series enables wire speed, 10 GbE and 40 GbE switching, powered by Arista (Extensible Operating System) EOS for software defined networking applications.