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The first microprocessor from Intel. Designed by Marcian E. "Ted" Hoff at Intel in 1971, it was a 4-bit, general-purpose CPU initially developed for the Japanese Busicom calculator. Running at a clock rate of 740 kHz, the 4004 could address 4KB of ROM for a program and 640 bytes of RAM for input/output.

A Small But Great Start
Given the tiny amount of RAM the 4004 supported, it was limited to calculator-like applications. Nevertheless, it was the beginning of a long line of microprocessors. The 4040 successor added interrupts, 24 index registers (up from 16) and a second 4KB program bank.

The 4004 CPU
With only 2,300 transistors, the general-purpose 4004 launched Intel into the microprocessor business. (Image courtesy of Intel Corporation.)

The 4004-Based Busicom Calculator
The product that inspired Ted Hoff to create the 4004. (Image courtesy of AUCTION TEAM BREKER, Cologne, Germany, (c) 2013, www.breker.com)
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For example, compared to the Intel 4004, today's second-generation Intel(r) Core(tm) processors are more than 350,000 times the performance and each transistor uses about 5,000 times less energy.
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In November, 1971, Intel, a small start-up company, announced the first microprocessor--the Intel 4004. It used solid state integrated circuit technology that the firm had been using to make memory "chips" to develop the logic circuitry of a computer's central processing unit.
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