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100 MHz GTL+ Layout Guidelines for the Pentium II Processor and Intel 440BX AGPset" Intel Application Note AP-827, 1997, PP.
The Intel 440BX system controller chipset provides the core logic that makes the board PC/AT compatible.
It features an Intel 440BX AGPset, an Intel 69030 AGP video controller, and 64-bit AGP video with 4 MB SDRAM memory.
The chipsets use PC-133 SDRAM, which is said to be 33% faster than memory supported in the previous Intel 440BX chipset, and offer 1Gb memory support.
Based on the Intel[R] 440BX chipset, the IBC 2600/Castor 6U CompactPCI single board computer allows designers to choose either a Pentium II[TM] FC-PGA processor up to 850MHz or a Socket 370 Celeron[TM] processor up to 733 MHz.
Configured with Intel's 440BX chipset and the Intel Pentium III processor, the system has high clock speeds plus a 256KB on-chip secondary cache, further improving performance of Microsoft Office applications.
Making a virtue out of its lack of a new chipset to support the new processors, Intel says the new Mobile Pentium IIIs will use the existing "mature and stable" 440BX chipset.
Directly integrated on Intel's newest 440BX motherboard, NVIDIA's RIVA TNT delivers state-of-the-art 3D performance, in addition to 2D and video acceleration to the mainstream PC market.
The new HP Kayak XA PC Workstations feature Intel's Pentium III processor operating at up to 500MHz, the Intel 440BX AGPset chip set, up to 768MB of 100MHz ECC SDRAM memory and 6.
We'd like to see, in particular, whether it bests systems based on Intel's 440BX AGP core--logic chipset and the expensive but powerful Champion 2.
To operate all of the voice, data and multimedia applications, the NPM uses the CompactPCI*-based Intel NetStructure ZT 5541 Peripheral Master Processor Board with the Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor -- Low Power at 500 MHz and the Intel(R) 440BX chipset.
Identical except for which processor is mounted, the CSBCP2BX370 and the CSBCP3BX370 use 440BX AGPset and provide up to 768 MB to PC100 ECC DIMMs.