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One thing to keep in mind if you are trying to upgrade your L7000 system to the cellular communication path is you must get the 4GL communicator as the older GSMVLP5-4G will not work for this system.
The modernization project will be implemented using BluePhoenix's 4GL conversion solution, which enables organizations to automatically migrate their legacy applications to prevailing languages and technologies.
SuperNova, which quit the 4GL market for component development in early 1997 believes it was somewhat ahead of its time and that the market for component development is only now beginning to taken off.
The 4GL allows users to quickly build menus (if the program is DOS-based) or icon-driven applications (if it's a GUI program) linking features such as input screens, queries and reports.
The 4GL Database is completely web-based, and offers programmers a number of technical advantages - translating into faster delivery and cost-savings for companies.
NET environments, patented Sybase DataWindow(R) technology, 4GL ease-of-use and integration with Sybase PowerDesigner(R), a market leading enterprise modeling tool.
The prior system had been built using Forte Software's 4GL, which is no longer supported by Sun Microsystems.
The agreement enables IBM to offer 4GL customers the BDS environment for such diverse applications as ERP, CRM and Dynamic Web sites.
What I appreciate about 4GL is that they recognize the fact that smaller school districts have as many critical needs as large districts for this kind of system, if not more, because we tend to wear multiple hats in our positions.