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[¦fīv hī¦dräk·sē′trip·tə‚fan]
C11H12N2O3 Minute rods or needlelike crystals; the biological precursor of serotonin.
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(also β-5-hydroxyindolyl-3-alanine), an amino acid. Two optically active forms and one racemic form exist for 5-hydroxytryptophan. In animals and man, L-5-hydroxytryptophan is produced as a result of the enzymatic hydroxylation of L-tryptophan during the conversion of L-tryp-tophan into the nervous-system mediator serotonin. When injected parenterally, 5-hydroxytryptophan has a hallucinogenic effect.

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Clinical studies are already planned for testing a slow-release 5-HTP drug in people with treatment-resistant depression.
(18.) A functional-dimensional approach to depression, comparing 5-HTP to fluvocarnine.
Na composicao da formulacao dos Fitoterapicos administrados continha: extrato de Griffonia simplicifolia (obtidos das sementes), com 95% de 5-hidroxi-L-triptofano (5-HTP) - 50 mg (Rondanelli e colaboradores, 2009) e extrato de Rhodiola rosea L.
Furthermore, we conducted the experiment by adding PCPA and 5-HTP. The WT+PCPA-CLP sepsis group also showed an increased survival rate compared with the WT-CLP sepsis group (p = 0.045), while the survival rate of the KO+HTP-CLP sepsis group was lower than that of the KO-CLP sepsis group (p = 0.003).
This led to the assumption, that the substance is 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).
In 1976, Shindo and Miyakoshi [15] analyzed the distribution of orally administered [sup.14]C-labeled 5-HTP in rats by autoradiographic studies.
Boosting the levels of 5-HTP by taking it as a supplement hekp.
5-HTP by taking it as a supplement can benefit some people."
The others were also found to contain yohambine in combination with ephedra, I-trytophan and 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).
One that works particularly well is 5-HTP, an amino acid that increases seratonin levels naturally.
Consider taking the following supplements: the amino acid L-tryptophan or the related precursor 5-HTP, the hormone DHEA, the B vitamins and vitamin D, and omega-3 fats.
This agreement includes pre-orders for ONE Bio Corp'a raw extracts, including resveratrol, stevia leaf powder, 5-HTP, polygonum extract and spirulina powder.