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Five-Year Plan,

Soviet economic practice of planning to augment agricultural and industrial output by designated quotas for a limited period of usually five years. Nations other than the former USSR and the Soviet bloc members, especially developing countries, have adopted such plans for four, five, or more years. Joseph StalinStalin, Joseph Vissarionovich
, 1879–1953, Soviet Communist leader and head of the USSR from the death of V. I. Lenin (1924) until his own death, b. Gori, Georgia.
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, in 1928, launched the first Five-Year Plan; it was designed to industrialize the USSR in the shortest possible time and, in the process, to expedite the collectivization of farms. The plan, put into action ruthlessly, aimed at making the USSR self-sufficient and emphasized heavy industry at the expense of consumer goods. It covered the period from 1928 to 1933, but was officially considered completed in 1932. The second Five-Year Plan (1933–37) continued and expanded the first. The third plan (1938–42) was interrupted by World War II. The fourth covered the years 1946–50, the fifth 1951–55. The sixth plan (1956–60) was discarded in 1957, primarily because it overcommitted available resources and could not be fulfilled. It was replaced by a Seven-Year Plan (1959–65), which fell far short of estimated increases in agricultural (especially wheat) production. The Seven-Year Plan was considered the start of a longer period (20 years) devoted to the establishment of the material and technical basis of a Communist society. The late 1960s and early 1970s saw increased emphasis placed on consumer goods, and the 9th Five-Year Plan (1971–75) for the first time gave priority to light industry rather than heavy industry. The agricultural sector still grew far less than projected in the 10th (1976–80) and 11th (1981–85) Five-Year Plans, and overall economic performance was poor. The 12th and final Five-Year Plan (1986–90) projected increases in consumer goods and energy savings, but the economy began to slide, shrinking by 4% in 1990. The dissolution of the Soviet Union made the formation of a 13th Five-Year Plan a moot point.
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The government hopes that this 5-year plan can create 3 million career opportunities, and lead to a $5.5 billion raise in our exports by improved access to finance to SMEs.
Washington Gas, a WGL Company, filed a 5-year plan with the Maryland Public Service Commission to continue progress in the Company's Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement initiative to replace aging pipelines in its natural gas system throughout the state.
"Our 5-year plan focuses on organic growth that is balanced between emerging and mature markets, the launch of our new brand architecture, a shift from asset-light to asset-right in our business model and a promise to become more relevant to our owners," said Younes.
It is wonderful news to hear that the supermarket Iceland has a 5-year plan to eliminate the plastic menace to its own goods - what's inhibiting other supermarkets?
The participants shared examples of best practices to form a solid technical basis for this 5-year plan. The mission is to enhance mental health and social well-being for all people living in KPK, particularly with regard to the province's most vulnerable children, in support of which the government is committed to provide the best possible mental and psychosocial support services to those in need.
The second option, the 5-year plan, would mean leaving policies in force 4 percent minimum interest.
He noted that the WDEPC will not establish any new projects in the 5-year plan for 2017 to 2022, as the Damanhour power plant project was postponed.
"The DTC's 5-year plan includes a new bundle of programmes and initiatives to improve the school transport services that it runs, by supplying the fleet with new eco-friendly buses fitted with sophisticated technologies corresponding to the smart government initiative, and cutting-edge means of safety and security," he added.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development's upcoming 5-year plan will see more than 1.3 million Saudi nationals enter the labor market as a result of the plan to nationalize the retail, telecommunication, taxi, travel and tourism, real estate, gold and jewelry, and vegetable market sectors, he added.
Summary: The plan anticipates average GDP growth to reach 28.6b riyals for ninth five-year plan, compared to 24.6b riyals during 8th 5-year plan
He explained that during the session, members of the Majlis will be notified on the draft 9 th 5-year plan (2016-2020) and the draft state's general budget for the fiscal year 2016, as the Majlis will discuss these important topics in detail during the upcoming sessions.
China, with aging population and slowing growth, scraps one-child policy in 5-year plan for Xi, but that could exacerbate environmental challenges