5G frequency bands

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5G frequency bands

Within North America, 5G cellular service operates in the following frequency bands. As of 2019, Verizon offers fixed 5G in-home service in the 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Also as of 2019, AT&T's 5G, known as "5G+," operates in eight cities with customers installing a NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G mobile hotspot. T-Mobile announced nationwide coverage in all frequency bands by 2020. See 5G and 5G radiation.

 Band           CountryMHz
 600            US  Canada

 700            MexicoGHz
 2.5            US

 3.55-4.2       US

 5.9-7.1        US

 24.25-24.45    US

 24.75-25.25    US

 26.5-27.5      Mexico

 27.5-28.35     US  Canada

 37-40          US  Canada

 47.2-48.2      US

 64-71          US  Canada
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The 5G frequency bands of 3.5 gigahertz and 28 gigahertz are up in the auction.
It supports both planned 5G NR Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) modes, while combination with Anritsus 5G over-the-air (OTA) chamber (CATR) covers all 5G frequency bands, including not only Sub-6 GHz but also mmWave.
The present call describes a test environment for 5G, which on the one hand covers all relevant for 5G frequency bands and allows in these bands measurements with single and multiple antenna systems, and on the other hand possibilities for modifying the waveforms generated z.