5K monitor

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5K monitor

A computer monitor with 2,880 lines of resolution. In 2014, Apple introduced an iMac with a 27" Retina 5K display. With a resolution of 5120x2880, it doubled the horizontal and vertical pixels of the standard 27" 2560x1440 iMac, which continued to be available in the iMac line. Also in 2014, Dell debuted its 27" 5K UltraSharp monitor.

Why 5K?
The high pixel density renders high-resolution images beautifully, and 4K video editors can view a 4K image with room for menus, toolbars and other applications on screen at the same time.

Menus May Be Too Small
Although the resolution of 4K and 5K monitors is extremely sharp, most software has not yet been designed with this high pixel density in mind, and menus, toolbar text and icons can appear extremely small. Although Windows and Mac have built-in scaling for text and icons, not all menu and toolbar text may be increased to a satisfactory size until these operating systems become entirely 4K and 5K aware.

Two solutions are available. Although somewhat clumsy, a built-in software magnifier can be dragged around the screen. Secondly, the screen resolution can be lowered, and everything is made larger. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having such a high-resolution monitor, and in the past, a lower resolution may have produced an inferior display, especially for text. However, the quality of many of today's monitors is so high that lowering the resolution still yields sharp text. See 4K monitor and native resolution.

Lines of Resolution
This shows the relative difference in monitor/TV vertical resolutions.
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Professional Video Quality Transforms a Thunderbolt 3 port into two individual DisplayPort video outputs with ultra-high quality video at 4K @ 60Hz or a single 5K video at 60 Hz without the need to purchase an expensive graphical workstation.
It is capable of handling up to 100 watts of power, 10GB data transfer speeds, 5K video streaming, and is reversible like USB-C, reports The Verge.
The flexibility of the VidyoWorks platform has also driven innovation across new form factors - from the first video conference on a smart phone, to 5K video conferences and Vidyo-enabled smart glasses and drone-based Vidyo conferencing.