November 5

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November 5


Election Day (Tuesday following the first Monday in November) Nov 5, 2013; Nov 5, 2019
Celebrated in: Timor-Leste

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Nov 5, 2011; Nov 5, 2016; Nov 5, 2017; Nov 5, 2021; Nov 5, 2022; Nov 5, 2023

Melbourne Cup Day (First Tuesday in November) Nov 5, 2013; Nov 5, 2019
Celebrated in: Australia

New York City Marathon (First Sunday in November) Nov 5, 2017; Nov 5, 2023

Plebeian Games (November 4-17)

Legal Holidays by Countries

All Saints' DayFinland
Melbourne Cup DayAustralia
Thanksgiving DayLiberia

Legal Holidays in United States

General Election DayIndiana, Montana, Puerto Rico
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Remember remember the 5th of November, as on this date next year, the first 787 flight to Thailand will jet off to the 'land of smiles' from London Gatwick.
The Balance 6 fishermen were not granted bail yesterday and the case was put off for 5th of November.
With the wrap up of the nominations phase, Abdulla Majid Al Ali said 'a series of meetings will be held for the reading panel, starting 5th of November.
REMEMBER, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and a loss
5 million in the third quarter on the 5th of November 2010, confounding analyst expectations.
As early as 1607 there are records of bonfire celebrations on the 5th of November,'' she said.
St Antony's College, Oxford isdelighted to be hosting the inauguralSheikh Zayed Book Award Lecture at 5pm on the 5th of November.
To say that the 5th of November 2008 was an historic day would be a gross understatement as Obama became the first African-American leader of the world's largest economy.
Please to remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.
And you're sure to remember, remember the 5th of November when you see a graphic re-enactment of the true story behind the Guy Fawkes plot.
What disturbed the CRS investigator the most was the abrupt cessation of any taxi chit log entries as of the 5th of November, 1999.
The 11 most promising and astute technological innovations of the year were rewarded on Monday, the 5th of November, at the SESAMES Awards.