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Animators from YouTube channel 64 Bits took the retro design aesthetics of side-scrolling adventure game 'Cuphead' and gave it a 'Dark Souls' make-over.
Consider partial product 0 (pp0), pp1, pp2 and pp3 are the 64 bits outputs of the 32x32 VM1, VM2, VM3 and VM4 respectively.
* These two 64 bits are added by using RCA2 and produces s2 [64:0].
* These 64 bits are added with 64 bits pp2 by using RCA3 and produces s3 [64:0].
* By using 64 bit RCA1, pp1 and pp2 are added and produces s1 [64:0].
While doing a lot of logical operations on large bit streams, working on 64 bits at a time is a huge advantage.
According to Google, the shift to 64 bits provides a marked improvement in rendering speed, thanks to the latest compiler and processor optimizations and "a calling convention that allows more function parameters to be passed quickly by registers." Google says it sees an average improvement of 25% in graphics and multimedia content.
"We were the first to bring 64 bits and dynamic power management to notebooks, and now the performance of AMD mobile processors is available at your fingertips in a dynamic convertible tablet PC."
While few doubt that the software industry is destined to evolve to 64 bits, evolution is a long, slow process.
With this encoding, default operand size is 32 bits and default address size is 64 bits. Using instruction prefixes, the default operand size can be overridden to 64 bits or 16 bits, and the default address size can be overridden to 32 bits.
"AMD processors including x86-64 technology will permit platform suppliers, developers, corporate MIS departments and consumers to transition to 64 bits gradually, while continuing to run 32-bit applications without incurring performance penalties," the paper says.
In terms of precision, 64 bits is old hat, particularly in engineering programs where rounding errors can be disastrous.