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Tenders are invited for IC 74ACT244,D1L/20,QCTAL 8UFF/DRIVE IC 74HC20,Sp/14,DUAL 4 INPUT NAND IC 68030,PGA/128,UPROC 32Bit 25MHz IC 6206,SOJ/28,SRAM 32KX8 2Qns IC 68HC901,PLCC/52,MFP 8bit 4MHz IC 68302,QF P/132,UPROC 16bit 16MHz IC 74AC125,SQ/14,QUAD BUFF/DRIVER IC 74AC125,SO/14,QUAD BUFF/DRIVER IC 431016,SOJ/44,SRAM,64KX16 15ns
MacOS requirements: 68030 or PowerPC processor, System 7.
Platform Mac: Macintosh 68030 or better with Color Quickdraw and System 7 or later
1; or Power Macintosh or a 68030 33 Mhz processor, 16 MB RAM, 256 colors at 640x480 pixels, double-speed CD-ROM drive, System 7.
5 for the Mac requires a Macintosh 68030 or greater, or any Power Macintosh.
Complex Arithmetic Timing (seconds per call on a 68030 Macintosh) 50 S.
It consists of a dual-processor mainframe with four or eight electrically quiet slots for DAQ plug-ins controlled by a Motorola 68030 processor.
For the Macintosh[R], Apple[R] recommends a 68030 or better processor, at least 12MB of RAM, Mac OS[TM] System 7.
1 or higher, 68030 at 25 megahertz or faster, or 68040 processor, 13-inch monitor with 256 colors or better.
1, a 68030 processor at 25 MHz, 8 megabytes of RAM, a 256-color display, and a double-speed CD-ROM drive.
Processing is performed with a 32 MHz 68030 processor and a 68882 coprocessor.
has discontinued production of Macs built around the old 68030 processor, so don't rely on an outdated SE/30.