Motorola 68030

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Motorola 68030

A 32-bit microprocessor in Motorola's Motorola 68000 family, with on-chip split instruction and data cache of 256 bytes each. The 68030 has an on-chip MMU (except in the 680EC30 version).

The 68881 and the faster 68882 FPU chips could be used with the 68030.

The 68030 was the successor to the Motorola 68020, and was followed by the Motorola 68040.

The 68030 is used in many models of the Apple Macintosh II series of personal computers.
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The more popular models, the 145B and 180, are fast, lightweight systems with a 68030 microprocessor, 4MB of RAM (expandable to 14 MB), an 80MB or 120MB internal hard-disk drive and a center-placed trackball for both right- and left-handed users.
The LC 1II has speeded up the 68030 microprocessor to 25MHz and has the advantage of expanding RAM up to 36MB, built-in ports for adding devices (CDROMs, modems, etc.), and slots for expansion.
The PowerBook 140 has a 16-MHz, 68030 microprocessor; up to 8MB of RAM; and six peripheral ports.
The Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS), an advanced digital and voice radio system, is being upgraded from its 16-bit instruction set architecture to a new central processing unit/memory card based on the 32-bit Motorola 68030 microprocessor.
The machine is equipped with a 20-MHz 68030 microprocessor, 32-bit NuBus expansion slot, and a choice of 40- or 80-megabyte hard disk drive.
In these cases, you also will need to have a 68030 microprocessor or 68020 microprocessor with a 68851 PMMU (Paged Memory Management Unit) coprocessor chip.
Any Mac using System 7.0 with a 68030 microprocessor (or 68020 with a 68851 chip) can access the 4-gigabyte memory range available in the 68030 when combined with virtual memory.
An extension to the highly successful Macintosh II line, the new Apple Macintosh IIx is the first computer in that family to use Motorola's 68030 microprocessor and its 68882 math coprocessor.
Numbers and symbols are arranged in a separate sequence before the letter "A." Here, for example, are helpful definitions of a 32-bit machine and the 68030 microprocessor. The principal AZ section arranges entries letter by letter, with acronyms filed as words, e.g., LAN.
Capable of supporting up to 16MB of main memory, the one-square-foot motherboard hosts two other high-performance processors: Motorola's top-of-the-line 68030 microprocessor and 68882 floating-point coprocessor--both of which run at 25 MHz.
Hewlett-Packard offers a line of graphics workstations based on the Motorola 68040 and 50-MHz 68030 microprocessors.
They feature 16- and 25-MHz 32-bit 68030 microprocessors, complementary 68882 floating-point coprocessors that deliver from 3 million to 5 million instructions per second of performance, and either 4 or 8 MB of memory.