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He was also involved in the design and implementation of the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) 68060 based controller for video and audio routers used by the commercial television industry.
The VME 64 V168 consists of a 68040 or 68060 CPU, up to 128 MB of DRAM, 4 MB of Flash memory and 32 bit ENET with a fast SCSI II and four serial I/O ports.
The V168 with a 68060 32 Mb version sells for $2,400 in quantities of 100.
Incorporating a 68060 microprocessor clocked at up to 64 MHz, the MVME172 offers processing performance approximately three times that of Motorola's 68040-based MVME162, the best selling processor board on VME in 1996.
The SEEK Xcelerator(TM) now incorporates the Motorola 68060 processor and 60 microsecond error correcting memory that nearly doubles CPU processing power and provides system performance increases up to 40% in actual operation.
Processor-specific probes are available for the Motorola MPC860, 68060, 68040, 68030, 68020, 68HC000, 68EC000, 68360, 68340, 68302 and 68LC302; Intel 80C186EA, 80C186XL, 80C188EA, 80C188XL, 80960HX, 80960JX, 80960CX; and AMD 186 and 188.
Now, the system's main processor can be based either on a 68040 chip that delivers extended speed, or a high-performance 68060 chip that can process in excess of 15 calls per second.
0 adds support for the Motorola's 68060, the full line of PowerPC processors and Intel's Pentium.
Tenders are invited for Earthwork for excavation of trenches for laying of underground pipeline lowering and jointing of 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm diameter RCC pipes fixing of air vent pipes risers and construction of haudies at Village Ramgarh Jawanhe 35240 R CHHATHE NANHERE 5200 R Dhindsa 106300 L DHANDOLI 20591 R chathe nanhere 9495 L LADWANJARA 67920 68060 L and KALBANJARA 69500 L
In addition, demand from Motorola for the XM systems remained strong with first volume shipments of the new 68060 version of this product taking place.
5 mm pitch 1,935 general purpose probe HP E5334A 68060 PGA to 208-pin PQFP adapter 2,335 HP E5319A 160-pin, 0.