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First making its name compilers and programming tools for the Motorola 680x0 chip, Metrowerks went on to dominate the Apple Macintosh programming market from the launch of the first PowerPC-based machines.
Based in Augsburg, Germany, or, renamed SBS or Industrial Computers GmbH, designs, manufactures and markets CPU boards based on Intel computer architecture available in the VME, CompactPCI and PCCompact form factors, as well as VME CPU boards based on the Motorola 680X0 series processors and a series of computer input/output boards.
Two principal lines of microprocessors are evaluated--the 80x86 line, including clones, and the 680x0 line, including follow-on Powerpc microprocessors.
It is true that graphics productivity will run much faster on Macintosh systems that use PowerPC processors than they do now on personal computers that use Motorola 680x0 or Intel 486 chips.
1 for Alpha, SPARC, Motorola 680x0 and Intel x86 systems will be available from Debian distributors soon.
By utilizing CodeWarrior compilers that plug into the open architecture design, Metrowerks is able to quickly expand the capabilities of CodeWarrior support for VxWorks to include other embedded microprocessor targets for CodeWarrior and Tornado, including 680x0, CPU32, and ARM.
Applied supports the 680X0 and ColdFire 5102 family of Motorola processors with a complete line of design, debug and test solutions including the CodeTEST software analysis and verification tools, the NetROM universal target communicator and the VSP-TAP hardware/software coverification tools.
The ColdFire Series instruction set maintains close ties to the 680x0 architecture, which allows designers to capitalize on their familiarity with the architecture due to its 68000 heritage, interoperable tool support and enhanced integration capabilities.
At the software level, the 68060 processor is fully object-code compatible with other 680X0 devices.
Log Point is expanding its SuperSpeed efp C/C++ software products to support C and C++ application development on other 32-bit microprocessors, including Motorola 680x0, PowerPC, and Coldfire, Hitachi SH Series, Hewlett Packard HPPA, ARM, MIPS R3000 and R4000 series, and Mitsubishi M32R/D.
Instead of converting each 680x0 instruction to PowerPC whenever it is called, Speed Doubler 2 translates all the instructions dynamically and only once.
The Mac OS version requires 680x0 or PowerPC-based Macintosh(R) or Mac OS-compatible (accelerated for PowerPC).