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6th Sense Auto is designed for the modern connected car and helps large dealerships improve inventory management, engine diagnostics, service maintenance and personalised customer support through wireless cloud-based software.
That's nothing new, but looking at the numbers, I predict we will hear a lot more about HECS 6th Sense apparel in the future.
As Michael-David Winery, the Phillips brothers now channel virtually all of the grapes they grow into their own wine brands--Earthquake, 7 Deadly Zins, 6th Sense Syrah and Incognito.
The company boast the 6th Sense is the most luxurious and exclusive ice-cream they have produced in more than 50 years.
To give washed-out women a break, one lucky reader has the opportunity to win one of these fabulous Whirlpool 6th Sense washing machines.
Whirlpool has linked with Ariel Essential and Fairy Non Bio to offer Tesco shoppers the chance to win one of 20 AWM8123 6th Sense washing machines.
Also from Naiad comes Kate Calloway's latest Cassidy James mystery 6th Sense (Naiad $11.
Both rounds of hires strengthen and diversify Kabam's founding team, which includes the CEO Chou, formerly of the global venture capital firm Canaan Partners, Chief Technical Officer Michael Li, who was the founding CEO of mobile location-based startup 6th Sense Communications, strategy games studio General Manager Wayne Chan, who previously managed widget development across AOL and Time Warner's large breadth of social properties, and casual games General Manager Holly Liu, a veteran of AOL, Accenture, and Arthur Andersen.
Apart from Whirlpool's trademark 6th Sense Technology that allows for up to 50 percent energy savings, it also features three intelligent sensors that are strategically located in the freezer compartment, chiller section and ton the outer door's user interface.
Colin has appeared on TV in Most Haunted, Psychic Private Eyes, which features investigations into murders and disappearances, plus The Three Mediums and 6th Sense.
HECS' new 6th Sense Apparel line features Energy Cloak fabric that blocks the majority of emitted EMR.