700 MHz spectrum

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700 MHz spectrum

The 698-806 MHz range of TV channel frequencies (UHF 52 through 69) that were made available when the U.S. switched from analog to digital TV in June 2009 (see digital TV transition). The FCC auctioned most of the remaining blocks in this spectrum from January 24 to March 18, 2008 (see chart below), which is expected to be used for high-speed Internet and data services for mobile devices.

Coveted Frequencies
The advantage of the 700 MHz spectrum is that the signals travel longer distances than the higher frequencies used by many other wireless systems. Networks using this spectrum require fewer cell towers to reach the same geographic area. In addition, like TV broadcasting, signals in this spectrum penetrate walls easily.

The Results - $19.6 Billion in Winning Bids
Verizon and AT&T were the big winners. For $9.9 billion, Verizon won 109 licenses nationwide in the A, B and C blocks; each C-block license covering a huge geographic area. AT&T won 227 B-block licenses for $6.6 billion. Dish Network won 168 E-block licenses for $712 million, while competitor DirecTV did not bid at all, and King Street Wireless picked up 152 licenses in various A and B blocks. The remaining licenses were won by several other organizations including Paul Allen's Vulcan Spectrum LLC, which secured A-block licenses in Oregon and Washington State.

Google Lost and Won
Google did not win any licenses, but bid high enough to trigger rules that require C-block licensees to open their networks. Under FCC rules, a $4.6 billion bid for the C-block would ensure the creation of a network open to third-party devices and applications.

The 700 MHz Auction
In 2008, more than a thousand regional licenses in the 700 MHz spectrum were won at auction. Nobody bid the $1.3 billion minimum for the D blocks next to the Public Safety blocks. Owners of the D-Public Safety blocks would have nationwide access and the right to use Public Safety spectrum when available.
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It has also had a recent (January 2014) auction of 700 MHz spectrum made available after that country's switch from analogue to digital television.
According to the panelists, 700 MHz spectrum might be used for fixed wireless deployments, broadcast video to smaller devices, video messaging, location/navigation and presence applications.
The auction of highly coveted 700 MHz spectrum has been lauded by experts as a watershed moment in the telecommunications industry.
PLDT added that its credit standing is also at risk and its ability to raise and borrow funds to fully roll out the 700 MHz spectrum may be jeopardized violating the conditions imposed by the NTC under the co-sue arrangements between Smart and BellTel and Globe and BellTel.
By leveraging its 700 MHz spectrum for LTE deployment, Verizon Wireless is capable of quickly deploying a high-quality wireless broadband network with excellent coverage and in-building penetration, all at a cost structure significantly below current levels.
This spring there were over 19 billion dollars in FCC auctions for acquisition of the 700 MHZ spectrum. Of the aforementioned, only Sprint Nextel made no play at 700 MHz spectrum and went after 2.5GHz licenses including those previously owned by schools, universities and churches.
The 700 MHz spectrum propagates further and penetrates better, allowing operators to cover more area with potentially less equipment.
The 700 MHz spectrum is perfectly suited for rural areas, and NTCA has been lobbying for appropriate rules with the guidance of the industry committee and the wireless committee.
outlined recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission for rules regarding the imminent auction of 700 MHz spectrum in a filing last week.
THE Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( Trai) on Wednesday recommended auction of the premium 700 MHz spectrum for the first time in the country at a reserve price of around ` 11,500 crore despite leading telcos asking the regulator to hold back the sale of radio waves in this band.
(INET) said it is deploying a pilot LTE system in the Gulf of Mexico to demonstrate the superior capabilities of industrial LTE wireless broadband service and coverage when coupled with 700 MHz spectrum that INET has leased from Verizon (NASDAQ: VZ) Wireless under the LTE in Rural America program.