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A DoT committee had just presented a report on the earlier suggestions of Trai on the 700MHz auction and the Telecom Commission will now review the report.
lt;p>Two years ago, Verizon sued the FCC over the open-access rules that it placed on a block of spectrum in the 700MHz auction.
Google confirmed that it will file its formal application, which does not include any partners, to participate in the 700MHz auction with the FCC on 3 December 2007, marking its first step in the auction process.
Vodafone officials allegedly confirmed that the company was not interested in entering the mobile market in Brazil via the acquisition of spectrum in the upcoming 700MHz auction but confirmed the interest in acquiring a mobile operator.
As per the board, it is suggesting the company actively to take part in the forthcoming 700MHz auction sanctioned by regulator Anatel last week.
Speculation leading up to the 700Mhz auction was very high, but in the end, Verizon Wireless and AT&T were the two companies that won nearly all of the spectrum blocks available.
5GHz spectrum band, after earlier pulling out of the 700MHz auction.
Special Report: 'Fitch: Credit Impact of 700MHz Auction is Modest', April 1, 2008.
Special Report, 'Fitch: Credit Impact of 700MHz Auction is Modest', dated April 1, 2008;
With the conclusion of the 700MHz auction, there will be no more spectrum that is suitable for mobile broadband applications left for the FCC to auction," said Richard Licursi, president and CEO of Spectrum Bridge.
announced today the launch of the BidXplorer, a real-time auction analytics tool for Thursday's FCC 700MHz Auction 73.
Aloha Partners originally acquired the spectrum in the 700MHz auction in 2002, when the telecom sector was yet to recover from the industry downturn.