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754, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA).
754 to adjust the basis of partnership property under Secs.
Illinois Senate Bill (SB) 1855 has been introduced to reinforce the intent of SB 754, which became law on June 1, 2011, and mandated that brewers beyond a certain size could not self-distribute or own a distributorship in Illinois.
France is to return to Greece 754 million euros in interest payments the Bank of France earned on its Greek bond holdings, according to an amended 2012 budget bill.
County councillor Allen Turner, local member for Sacriston, said: "We're very happy that Arriva has stepped forward to fill most of the gaps with its new services 726 and 754, which are due to start on Monday, March 30.
When a partnership has made an IRC section 754 election, an individual partner can obtain an asset basis step-up for his or her share of the partnership assets upon the death of another partner, a sale of the partner's interest or certain other events.
754 election, and wish to seek judicial help in replacing the general partner.
The Recording Industry Association of America filed lawsuits against 754 computer users last month in its continued attempt to stop unauthorized music swapping online.
Containing about 1,000 galaxies, Abell 754 is one of the massive clusters nearest to Earth, residing 800 million light-years away.
Upon the successful completion of the MC 755 #2 well, ATP will also earn interests in two prospects: a 50% working interest in MC 754 and a 25% working interest in MC 800 ("Gladden").
Contract awarded for acquisition of 754 kilos of abate granulate 1% program vector
The 754 model is the first field calibrator for HART instruments that is both powerful and easy to use.