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[¦āt hī¦dräk·sē′kwin·ə·lən]
(organic chemistry)
C9H6NOH White crystals or powder that darken on exposure to light, slightly soluble in water, soluble in benzene, melting at 73-75°C; used in preparing fungicides and in the separation of metals by acting as a precipitating agent. Also known as oxine; oxyquinoline; 8-quinolinol.



(also oxyquinoline, oxine); light yellow crystals with a melting point of 75°–76°C. 8-hydroxy-quinoline has the following structural formula:

Organic solvents, alkalis, and acids are good solvents for 8-hydroxyquinoline, but the compound is only slightly soluble in water. 8-hydroxyquinoline forms crystalline chelates, such as Mg(C9H6ON)2 and Al (C9H6ON)3; these are only slightly soluble in aqueous solutions, including acetic acid and ammonia. The capacity of 8-hydroxyquinoline to form chelates is used to detect and isolate a number of metals, including aluminum, zinc, cadmium, and magnesium. Some 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives are used as fungicides, for example, the copper salt Cu(C9H6ON)2. Others, for example, Quinosol, Entero-Septol, and Yatren, are used as surface antiseptics or to kill amoebas.

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