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Options include part 80183 (Male Luer Slip [MLS] Outlet Port, Female Luer Slip [FLS] Inlet Port, and Female Luer Lock [FLL] Control Port, 1 psi Cracking Pressure [CP]), 80186 (MLS Outlet Port, FLS Inlet Port, FLL Control Port, 1.
Suiteppenwild, Mark James, 80186 Delight Valley Road.
Adding these proven designs makes CAST the broadest single source for 8- and 16-bit processor cores, including compatibles for the 8051, PIC(R), Z80(R), 68000, 80186, and other popular MCUs.
CAST believes it to be one of the very fastest 80186 designs available.
The modular architecture of its 16-bit, 80186 processor allows the molder to install the base product now and upgrade to new levels of control when needed by installing additional CPUs and the appropriate hardware.
For even greater capability in larger networks, 3Com offers a multifunction 3Server network server, which combines an Intel 80186 microprocessor, 512K of random access memory and an Ethernet controller on a single board.
The PIB project involved doing an enhanced version of the various components of the original PIB, such as Intel's 80186 microprocessor and various other digital and analog circuitry, and implementing them using SoC technology," noted Ed King, Chairman and CEO of CPU Tech.
Based on an enhanced 80186 architecture, operating at 48 MHz with 256Kbytes of on-chip RAM, DSTni-LX includes an Ethernet MAC and a suite of on-chip peripherals.
The PC~2e offers two intelligent serial ports with an 80186 microprocessor which relieves the host CPU of the communications tasks.
The C/X host adapter resides in the host computer and is powered by its own 16MHz 80186 processor.
Furthermore, s9350 has a programmable industry-proven 80186 microprocessor, which fine-tunes the internal blocks of the chip and achieves maximum and optimized performance.
The Turbo186 microprocessor core was redesigned to provide three-times the performance of off-the-shelf 80186 products while preserving legacy code investments with 100% software compatibility.