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The latest IEEE Wi-Fi standard, which was designed to improve wireless services in the enterprise as well as support multiple streams of HD video in the home. Also known as "Gigabit Wi-Fi," "5G Wi-Fi" and "Wi-Fi 5," products became available in 2012 before the standard was approved in early 2014.

Operating only in the 5 GHz band, devices are backward compatible with 802.11n, which is expected to co-exist with 802.11ac until the 2020s. An 11ac access point employs beamforming, which uses feedback to aim the transmission at the receiving device. In addition, 11ac beamforming was standardized for vendor interoperability for the first time.

11ac Wave 2
The second generation Wave 2 supports multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) with a total of eight simultaneous streams and up to four per client. See beamforming, 2.5/5G Ethernet, 802.11n, 802.11ad, OFDM and QAM.

802.11ac and 802.11n SPECIFICATIONS     11ac         11n (Wi-Fi 5)    (Wi-Fi 4)Band  5 GHz       2.4/5 GHz

 Modulation    256-QAM       64-QAM

 MaxAntennas     8             4

 Channel MHz   20, 40,      20, 40
               80, 160

 11n(40 MHz channels)1 stream                   150 Mbps
 2 streams                  300 Mbps
 3 streams                  450 Mbps
 4 streams                  600 Mbps

 11ac Wave 1(80 MHz channels)1 stream     433 Mbps
 2 streams    867 Mbps
 3 streams    1.3 Gbps

 11ac Wave 2(160 MHz channels)1 stream     867 Mbps
 4 streams    3.39 Gbps
 8 streams    6.77 Gbps
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According to the vendor, the new wireless network security solutions combine high-performance 802.11ac wireless technology with the new, next-generation wireless TZ series firewalls to deliver enterprise-class wireless performance and security, while dramatically simplifying network setup and management.
According to the company, the new Aerohive 802.11ac AP1130, designed to meet the growing demand for outdoor high-speed connectivity, provides highly resilient network access even in extremely challenging physical environments.
"It's now very clear that 802.11ac is the strategic direction for organizations of all sizes everywhere, but also that a variety of access points is required to address all market requirements," said Craig Mathias, a principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group.
A simple answer to the question, "Why not just wait for Wave 2 products in late 2015?" is that Wave 1 802.11ac products offer features that solve huge problems that organizations face today.
The Telefonix PDT team is providing greater network performance for airline customers with the introduction of the CabinACe-2 wireless access point (WAP), the industry's first 802.11ac Wave 2 WAP for the aircraft cabin environment, the company said.
The Avidity series is both compliant with IEEE 802.11ac and backwards-compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n.
The ongoing transition from the older 802.11n standard to the newer and faster 802.11ac standard has been the driver for this segment.
Aruba Networks Inc (Nasdaq:ARUN), a provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, announced today the deployment by Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, a prestigious hotel, of a 802.11ac wireless network allowing guests to use gigabit Wi-Fi across its huge property.