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A group of wireless personal area network (WPAN) standards from the IEEE for low-power devices in both industrial and consumer applications. See WPAN and Internet of Things.

802.15.1 - Bluetooth
Working with the Bluetooth special interest group (SIG), the IEEE standardized the lower layers of the Bluetooth specification. Approved by the IEEE in 2002, 802.15.1 is fully compatible with Bluetooth 1.1. See Bluetooth.

802.15.2 - PAN/LAN Co-existence
Explores methods for interoperability between wireless PANs (WPANs) and wireless LANs (WLANs), as well as the capability of transmitting in the same geographic area without interference. See WPAN and wireless LAN.

802.15.3 - High Data Rate
A WPAN standard for data rates greater than 20 Mbps.

802.15.3a - Very High Data Rate - UWB
The Task Group was dissolved in 2006; however, the IEEE narrowed proposals into two, one of which was multiband OFDM (MB-OFDM), adopted by the WiMedia Alliance for UWB (see UWB).

802.15.4 - Low Data Rate
Devices in low-rate WPANs (LR-WPANs) run on batteries for years. Nodes can be configured as reduced function devices (RFDs), which communicate with full function devices (FFDs) only. FFDs can communicate with RFDs and FFDs. The 802.15.4 standard specifies only network layers 1 and 2 (see MAC layer), while examples of the higher-layer protocols are ZigBee, WirelessHART, Thread and MiWi. See 6LoWPAN.

802.15.5 - Mesh Networking
Enables mesh networking for 802.15.3 high data rate and 802.15.4 low data rate transmission. See mesh network.

802.15.6 - Body Area Networks
Supports transmission of low-power sensors for health care as well as entertainment. See BAN.
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