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A family of IEEE standards for wireless broadband access (BWA). Approved in 2002, and also known as "WiMAX," 802.16 provides up to 300 Mbps of shared point-to-multipoint transmission in the 10 to 66 GHz frequency bands as far as 18 miles. The WiMAX Forum (www.wimaxforum.org) promotes the 802.16 standards using the OFDMA air interface below 11 GHz and provides interoperability certification. At frequencies below 11 GHz, signals can penetrate walls and other dense objects. See Xohm, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, WiBro and 802.11.

Last Mile and Networks
The 802.16 standard was designed to bring wireless broadband into buildings from an ISP or other carrier, offering an alternative to wired T1, cable and DSL lines in the last mile. It can also be used to provide high-speed connectivity between Wi-Fi networks across large campuses as well as create a "wireless metropolitan access network" (WMAN) throughout a city or suburb. The mobile version of WiMAX competes with LTE, the 4G cellular technology (see IMT-Advanced).

802.16-2009 - Fixed and Mobile WiMAX 1
The 802.16-2009 standard includes previous 802.16-2004 fixed and 802.16e mobile versions, among others, and supports the WirelessMAN-SC air interface in the 10-66 GHz range. WirelessMAN-SC is not supported by WiMAX. The first fixed standard was 802.16-2001.

802.16e - Mobile WiMAX 1
The 802.16e standard was the first 802.16 mobile version. It allows people to communicate in the 2-6 GHz band while riding in cars and trains up to 75 mph. Voice over IP (VoIP) is also supported.

802.16m - Mobile WiMAX 2
Submitted as an IMT-Advanced standard, 802.16m increases the shared channel to a maximum of 300 Mbps and allows people to communicate while traveling in high-speed trains up to 200 mph. The ITU has designated both WiMAX 1 and WiMAX 2 as 4G technologies. See IMT-Advanced.
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There have been several studies on the performance of the IEEE 802.16e random access scheme [6].
According to the company, the high-speed network, operating in the 4.9GHz frequency range, will be the first Alvarion 802.16e deployment in Angola.
Zaid Al Shabanat, CEO, Atheeb Telecom, said that the new network will be integrated with the operator's WiMAX 802.16e network.
The firm is the second largest Internet service provider in Bahrain, and the first company in the world to launch a nationwide WiMAX 802.16e network.
802.16m will also be backward compatible with 802.16e, the WiMAX standard currently used by operators in the United States.
One of the authors of the report, Sridhar Pai, said that the recent auctioning of 3G and 4G spectrum in India is expected to unleash a broadband economic driver and he expects that the unmet demand for broadband resulting from poor wire-line infrastructure will be met by a combination of 3G and 4G technologies, including WCDMA/HSPA, 802.16e and TD-LTE, over the next five years.
The Networks business of wireless and broadband communications company Motorola Inc (NYSE:MOT) announced on Wednesday its WiMAX Evolution solution for operators to upgrade existing WiMAX 802.16e / 802.16e Enhanced networks to 802.16m or TD-LTE or to add LTE to their existing WiMAX networks.
Designed to liberate users from the limitations of conventional broadband connections, 4G is quickly becoming the technology of choice for internet users seeking reliable, high-speed connections but ones that are truly independent of any fixed line limitations, allowing their users to remain connected anytime and anywhere.MadaAAEs 4G network is based on MotorolaAAEs WiMAX 802.16e technology and can offer download speeds reaching 8Mbits/s
Menatelecom, an investment subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain, and the first company in the world to launch a nationwide WiMAX (Wireless Broadband and Telephony network) using WiMAX 802.16e technology, has marked its first year anniversary of the launch of its WiMAX service with the announcement that it has passed all the expectations in terms of number of subscribers and growth in the demand for the new service.
29, 2009 (CENS)--MediaTek Inc., currently Taiwan's No.1 chip design house by revenue, recently announced its three latest IEEE 802.16e chips will be built into consumer-end equipment for the island's six WiMAX service providers, including Far EasTone Telecom Co., Ltd., Tatung Infocomm Co., Ltd., VMAX Telecom Co., Ltd., Vee Telecom Multimedia Co., Ltd., First International Telecom Corp., and Global Mobile Corp.