Intel 8051

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Intel 8051

A microcontroller developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded products and still (1999) one of the most popular microcontrollers.

The 8051/8031 cores are used in over 100 devices from 10 independent manufacturers such as Dallas and Philips.

See also CAS 8051 Assembler, as31 assembler, 51forth.

8051 FAQ.

The 8031/51 series microcontroller.

Intel MCS51 series microcontrollers.
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Report regarding situation of hill torrents in Dera Ghazi Khan has also been issued according to which flow of water was 39337 cusecs at Kaura, 4032 cusecs at Wadoari, 1250 cusecs at Chachar, 8032 cusecs at Kaha, 74345 cusecs at Vehova and 60901 cusecs at Sangar.
Rogers Group completed its land use request for property at 8032 Old Indiana 25 N.
But Sajjad without showing any leniency grabbed the next two frames in comfortable fashion to register 8020, 6839, 8519, 5918, 4477, 8032, 7027 victory.
Burkert is meeting this requirement, providing a modern competitively priced alternative to conventional rotameters with its Type 8032 inline--paddlewheel flow indicator/transmit-ter/switch.
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The core of the uPSD3400 Turbo Plus series is a 4-cycle-per-instruction 40-MHz 8032 MCU.
Burkert offers a comprehensive "inline program" with each of these units incorporating an open-cell inline rotor: (1) Type 8030 Flow Sensor, for continuous flow measurement; (2) Type 8032 "All-in-One" Inline Rotor Flow Transmitter/Switch, for easy on/off control; (3) Type 8035 Digital Flow Transmitter, for continuous flow measurement and batch control.
The Type 8032 "All In One" flow sensor device features: local gauge readout, analog or digital; 4 to 20 mA output process signal; controller maintains process value control, programmable locally or with 4 - 20 mA input; alarm switch - low, high or both via 3 amp relay or transistor output; AS-I Fieldbus - "Plug & Play" AS-1 connection with relay.
The 8032 sensor/switch series is designed to switch a valve, relay or pump, and establish an on/off control loop.
Batsman to have scored more than 8,000 test runs: Allan Border (Australia) 11,174 Sunil Gavaskar (India) 10,122 Graham Gooch (England) 8900 Javed Miandad (Pakistan) 8832 Viv Richards (West Indies) 8540 David Gower (England) 8231 Geoff Boycott (England) 8114 Gary Sobers (West Indies) 8032 Steve Waugh (Australia) 8000.