September 8

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September 8


Århus Festival (Nine days beginning first Saturday in September)

Bosra Festival (September 1-10)

Eastern States Exposition (September, starts the second Friday after Labor Day) Sep 8, 2012; Sep 8, 2013; Sep 8, 2017; Sep 8, 2018; Sep 8, 2019; Sep 8, 2023

Festa da Serreta (September 8-15)

Festival of Piedigrotta (September 7-9)

Fiesta de la Vendimia (Second week in September) Sep 8, 2013; Sep 8, 2019

Grandparents' Day (September, first Sunday after Labor Day) Sep 8, 2013; Sep 8, 2019

Howl! Festival (September 5-9)

Joust of the Quintain (Second weekend in September) Sep 8, 2012; Sep 8, 2018

Knabenschiessen (Second weekend in September) Sep 8, 2012; Sep 8, 2018

McClure Bean Soup Festival (Second Tuesday through Saturday in September) Sep 8, 2015; Sep 8, 2020

National Bilby Day (Second Sunday of September) Sep 8, 2013; Sep 8, 2019

National Championship Air Races and Air Show (September, four days ending on second weekend after Labor Day) Sep 8, 2011; Sep 8, 2016; Sep 8, 2022

Roman Games (September 4-19)

Yellow Daisy Festival (Second weekend in September) Sep 8, 2012; Sep 8, 2018

Legal Holidays by Countries

Feast of Our Lady of VictoriesMalta
Independence DayMacedonia
National DayAndorra
Nativity of Our LadyLiechtenstein
References in classic literature ?
About the 8th of September I accompanied Olson and von Schoenvorts to the oil-geyser.
PM spoke on various topics, starting with the significance of the 8th of September and mentioning the challenges Macedonia faced, continuing with the migrant crisis and the Framework Agreement, and the recent floods and ideas for legalization of marihuana for medical purposes, etc.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On 8th of September, a brand new online trading platform TradeEase was launched.
6% in 2014, Tuesday said a report issued by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) on the eve of the International Literacy Day, which falls on the 8th of September.
KARACHI -- Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) will celebrate the "International Literacy Day 2014" on the 8th of September, providing a platform for stakeholders to discuss improving children's participation in education that will lead to an improved national literacy rate.
His exceptional contribution to the development and further strengthening of the friendly ties and cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Kingdom of Denmark, as well as his role in reinforcing the status and reputation of the Republic of Macedonia on the international stage, have led to him being awarded the Order of the 8th of September by Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in February 2010.
On the 8th of September the citizens of Moscow Region will elect a governor and as Domodedovo airport is situated in its territory, citizens will be able to vote at the electoral precincts in the passenger terminal building.
Organized by the Emirates Falconers' Club, the Exhibition will run from the 5th to the 8th of September.
ISLAMABAD -- Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday arrived in New Delhi to discuss implementation of visa accord signed between the two countries on 8th of September in Islamabad this year.
Welcome to the Nasawiya second Girl Geek Camp organised in the lovely Auberge Beity of Kfardebian, Lebanon from the 4th to the 8th of September.
At a press conference held the morning of the 8th of September, Mr.
The circus, featuring an amazing lineup of Black and Latin circus performers from around the world, kicks off in Detroit on Friday, the 8th of September.