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A'ishah was abducted by her father, Saber Mesbah Sabra, last year in the east coast city of Hurghada.
As noted earlier, almost every school of thought had something to say about the four caliphs including the way they were selected, their relative strength and importance, the civil wars between A'ishah and Ali and Mu'awiya and Ali, and the question of who was right and who was wrong, and whether the transgressors had gone astray and had lost faith.
A'ishah clearly links the avoidance of Arabic in the public arena to the fact that Muslims in Northern Ireland, in contrast to Muslims living in England, do not have "their" neighbourhoods.
It is was the end of an eight-month ordeal for Leila Sabra, 32, as she hugged little A'ishah.
The mum, of Whitefield, Manchester, cuddled A'ishah and said: "It's a dream come true.
The couple divorced the following year - and agreed A'ishah would stay with her mother in the UK and visit her father once a year.