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The A Cappella groups invited to compete at All-American Awaaz 2019 include:
It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with talent shows such as The X Factor challenging singers to perform a cappella.
A cappella really lends itself to ensemble work because the group have to listen and blend in order to create a good sound.
"Pitch Perfect 2," the latest movie to celebrate college-level a cappella competition, is based on a 2008 book written by Mickey Rapkin under the same name.
Maddeningly adorable and sing-along-ingly addictive, it's not hard to see why a cappella has made inroads into popular culture.
"We're definitely not going to do it fully a cappella, that would be crazy, but I think to be true to ourselves it would only be right to play a couple of a cappella songs.
On Saturday, there will be a full day of a cappella singing at the Bluecoat, followed by a special performance from the most heard beatboxer in history, Shlomo.
The band has won four prestigious CARA awards, including "Best European Album" and "Best Holiday Album." CARA, the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards, reward the best musicians of the industry who use their voice as their only instrument.
Summary: An a cappella group from St Andrew's university where Prince William and Kate Middleton met have released a music video.
THE Magnets are currently wowing audiences at the Edinburgh Festival, and will soon be bringing their a cappella style to the North East next month.
It's opened a lot of people's eyes to what a cappella is and put a cappella a little more on the map.
Asani, the contemporary a cappella Aboriginal women's trio, was part of the a cappella Northern Harmony festival, held in Edmonton last month.