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What does it mean when you dream about scissors?

A dream that emphasizes scissors can have a variety of different meanings. Scissors can be used in construction or in destruction. We could be cutting the umbilical cord (asserting our independence) or cutting ourselves off from someone.

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Flight maneuvers performed by aircraft engaged in close air combat. The aircraft cross each other like two halves of a scissor, then reverse into each other and try to make the other overshoot. The aircraft normally end up doing low-speed maneuvers, and thus greater pilot skill is required to handle the aircraft at these speeds.
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Mr Mehmood said the doctors at Pims admitted his wife for three days and after conducting tests, they found that a pair of scissors had been left in her belly during the operation.
had kept inside the guitar box a pair of scissors and a nail-cutter that the defendants had used to remove the tags and bar codes.
I need a pair of scissors to get at this pair of scissors?!
They then discovered a pair of scissors had been accidentally left on the scales and eight inch Maddalena had in fact weighed only 382 grams.
It is believed Burrows took out a pair of scissors when the row broke out at 8.30am.
Last Thursday I bought a pair of scissors. Not only do I question how scissors can be a pair, but the packaging that covered the scissors required scissors to cut it out of the plastic casing, which was so annoying I wanted to throw plates at walls.
A HOMEOWNER received a shock when they confronted an intruder holding a pair of scissors.
Using a pair of scissors, cut around the daisies, but don't cut along the folds at the ends of the stems.
One of them held a pair of scissors to their Bahraini victim's throat when he initially resisted, the High Criminal Court heard.
Describing the moment post-natal depression took hold, she said: "I watched my hand slowly pick up a pair of scissors. It was as if I was being sucked down lower into the chair and the scissors seemed to be drawn to my arm.
A MAN escaped with cash after holding up a hairdressers' salon with a pair of scissors, police said yesterday.
The machine is a combination of a soft-thread-woven basket and a pair of scissors attached to a low-weight pipe with a clutch attached to the other end to operate it, says a press release issued by the media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department on Tuesday.