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, A-1, A-one
(of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition
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Address 1 code.

An a1 code interpreter, by Matthew Newhook <matthew@engr.mun.ca> was used to test compiler output. It requires gcc 2.4.2 or higher and is portable to computers with memory segment protection.

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Some 28 of them passed with Grade A-1, 189 got Grade A, 458 got Grade B, 511 got Grade C, 202 got Grade D and eight got Grade E.
79418 of Shams English School Larkana with 775 marks, Grade A-1, also got second position.
Sindh Education and Literacy Minister Jam Mehtab Dahar on the Assembly floor declined to answer the question from Opposition MPA Haji Shafi Mohammad Jamote that how many A-1 grade students were given this promised money as majority of them, in need, were looking for.
"The purchase of A-1 network opens new horizons for SOCAR in Austria, creates new commercial opportunities and strengthens positions as a leading energy company in this country," he said.
Apo A-1 levels are found to be lower in type 2 DM patients than those obtained in healthy individuals (P value < 0.001).
The strategy will target specific areas surrounding the current A-1 Locker Rental locations, which serve Arnold, Fenton and the surrounding South St Louis County areas.
Poel at the controls, right, the A-1 replica conducted two flights from Lake Keuka on 15 September and one on 19 September, top right.
Kumar notes that A-1 received the Keep America Beautiful award in 1998 for environmental achievements.
A-1. The shareholder can report the gain from the sale of the stock on the installment method.
S&P lowered its long-term corporate credit and senior unsecured debt ratings for Sonera from AA- to A+, and its short-term corporate credit and commercial paper ratings from A-1+ to A-1.
WASHINGTON -- Consider adding measures of D-dimer, apolipoprotein B, and apolipoprotein A-1 to the list of traditional factors used to predict a patient's risk of recurrent myocardial infarction.
Osi Specialties is expanding its capacity to produce Niax A-1, an amine catalyst critical in making polyurethane foam products for the furniture, bedding and automotive industries.