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, A-1, A-one
(of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition
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Address 1 code.

An a1 code interpreter, by Matthew Newhook <matthew@engr.mun.ca> was used to test compiler output. It requires gcc 2.4.2 or higher and is portable to computers with memory segment protection.

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S&P put on "negative" credit-watch the long-term A rating and the short-term A-1 rating on provincial mortgage bank Niederoesterreichische Landesbank Hypothekenbank AG (NOe Hypo), public sector lender KA Finanz AG, regional bank Oberoesterreichische Landesbank, Erste Bank (PRG:BAAERBAG) and its Czech unit Ceska Sporitelna as well as on Raiffeisen Bank International (WBAG:RBI) and Raiffeisen Zentralbank (RZB).
9 November 2011 - R&I today affirmed the A- rating with a "stable" outlook on the unsecured straight bonds of Japanese consumer credit services provider Jaccs Company Ltd (TYO:8584), as well as the a-1 rating on its commercial paper (CP) programme.
9 November 2011 - R&I today maintained the A issuer rating on the unsecured bonds series 12 and 13 and the a-1 rating on the commercial paper programme of Japanese construction machinery maker Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd (TYO:6305).