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In addition, the A-Life engine demonstrated an increased capability to understand both English language and medical terminology.
Wood has been with A-Life since 2007 when he was appointed director of client services.
A-Life Medical is a provider of advanced Natural Language Processing, or NLP, for the healthcare industry.
The development of LIFECODE began with the founding of A-Life Medical, Inc.
Nuclear engineers and scientists served the temporal powers through weaponry, and AI and A-Life have been supported enormously by the military.
Already A-life controls monsters and games from Cyberlife's Creatures to Tamagotchis, and it's their child masters who could be responsible for the techno uprising.
To date, the company's Creatures games, which create communities of A-Life creatures able to grow and develop like real organisms, have sold almost one million copies.
A-life, not cloning, was the enabling technology behind the film.
Levy was there for a book-signing at a store just off the Plaza, where the first customers got free t-shirts with the legend "Get A-Life.
Just as medical scientists have managed to tinker with life's mechanisms in vitro, the biologists and computer scientists of a-life hope to create life in silico," writes Levy.
Purchases in 2010 included health information exchange (HIE) vendor Axolotl; high acuity vendor, Picis (#43 on last year's list); medical necessity and compliance vendor, Executive Health Resources; and natural language coding vendor A-Life Medical (#95 last year).