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The two banks had been weighed down heavily by the A-Life Supermarket scandal, in which the owner fleeced several banks of some S120 billion (GHS120,000 or over GHS2.9 billion, today).
"In addition, the A-Life engine demonstrated an increased capability to understand both English language and medical terminology.
Wood has been with A-Life since 2007 when he was appointed director of client services.
A-Life employs its unique NLP technology to provide automated coding products and services and advanced abstraction capabilities for streamlining clinical text processing through automation.
It could be a nightmare of petty detail, but the A-Life system engine makes sure it isn't.
A-Life completed a successful testing program of the first application for the coding of emergency medicine at two billing company sites in 1998.
Personal religious experiences or activities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or A-Life scientists or human genome researchers, expressed convictions, or any tendency of theirs to use religious terms are included in these chapters.
Already A-life controls monsters and games from Cyberlife's Creatures to Tamagotchis, and it's their child masters who could be responsible for the techno uprising.
To date, the company's Creatures games, which create communities of A-Life creatures able to grow and develop like real organisms, have sold almost one million copies.
Overconfidence in our power, made even more pronounced by advances in science and technology, has created the illusion of a-life without natural boundaries and actions without consequences.
The technology used to create Jurassic Park intersects with the emergent field of artificial life (or "a-life"), which models the complex behaviors of biologically based organisms (or communities) within computerized or robotic environments.
We also get the thrice-told tale of Christopher Langton, a Vietnam-era conscientious objector and blues guitarist who survived a horrible hang-gliding accident and went on to launch a new field called Artificial Life ("A-life," for short), which attempts to create self-reproducing computer programs so fluid and complex that it might someday seem smug and anthropocentric not to grant that they too are alive.