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, A-1, A-one
(of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition


Address 1 code.

An a1 code interpreter, by Matthew Newhook <matthew@engr.mun.ca> was used to test compiler output. It requires gcc 2.4.2 or higher and is portable to computers with memory segment protection.

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At A-One Tandoori in Kilmarnock a team of chefs is ready to make your evening as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, so why not let them make your meal for you?
Sound effects, including music, are A-one, The seeds are planted for the next Patrick McClanahan adventure.
We know how to set the tempo: A jazz captain will count five-six-seven-eight in the tempo he wants danced; a teacher will announce an allegro or adagio exercise or will count a-one and a-two before the accompanist joins in at that speed; and a tap dancer will hoof a couple of "time" steps before his trio joins in.
Wednesday offers a chance to enjoy Pete's vast repertoire of traditional and self-penned songs when he appears at the Rugby Folk Club at the A-One Club in Market Street.
The digital channel line-up currently includes music channel A-One, business channel UBC, Ukrainian Fashion, Dobro-TV and Z-TV and will be offered free-to-air from ASTRA's 5 degrees East orbital position.
Tenders are invited for Shoe Polish Machine , Make- A-One Or Similar.