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, A-1, A-one
(of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition
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Address 1 code.

An a1 code interpreter, by Matthew Newhook <matthew@engr.mun.ca> was used to test compiler output. It requires gcc 2.4.2 or higher and is portable to computers with memory segment protection.

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Fourteen male students and 299 female students from government schools achieved A-one grades whereas 4,253 male students and 11,673 female students from private schools achieved A-one grades which made 18% of the total private schools students who passed the Matriculation Science examinations.
Eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty-four (8724) were mentioned to be registered for the SSC-Exam (part two) as private students with 7079 (81.14%) appearing in the same and only six candidates could secure A-One grade and 115 (1.62%) clinching A grade 580 (8.19%) were declared pass in B grade 1633 (23.07%) got C grade 1380 (19.49%) passed in D grade and 119 (1.685) with E grade.
According to the challan, the bank account that was opened in the name of A-One International, owned by Tariq Sultan, revealed that Kiran Aman, the then operations manager, had admitted and verified the fake/forged signatures of the account holder as genuine with mala fide intention.
A-One is a Bollgard I variety of Bt seed which has been approved for general cultivation.
"There has been stagnant margins with our A-One business which caters to Tata Motors, while they are much higher on our other dealerships.
Following the deal, expected to close in the second quarter of the year after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, A-One's CEO Hiroaki Arai will keep his position.
I "straw my way" with herbs, until any-a-day in port, to join crew--stand tight to mast, be brunt of wave and windlash, and not be anyone's burden except, oh, the crew, the crew, the which a-one I'll my love to, my goods and ghastly goofs.
A-One is a tin pot wind up soldier (literally) who bullies all the other toys when the house is empty.
"I don't know what the answer is but perhaps there's not enough time between fixtures to properly get the track A-one again.
At A-One Tandoori in Kilmarnock a team of chefs is ready to make your evening as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, so why not let them make your meal for you?
Sound effects, including music, are A-one, The seeds are planted for the next Patrick McClanahan adventure.
We know how to set the tempo: A jazz captain will count five-six-seven-eight in the tempo he wants danced; a teacher will announce an allegro or adagio exercise or will count a-one and a-two before the accompanist joins in at that speed; and a tap dancer will hoof a couple of "time" steps before his trio joins in.