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Samuel Johnson, like A. E. Housman, was a radical conservative, and Johnson's great apophthegm, aware of society's injustices, is aware too of life's condition.
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Symons queried Grant Richards, the poet's longtime publisher, about including some of Housman's poems in an anthology of period writing--is Carol Efrati's The Road of Danger, Guilt, and Shame: The Lonely Way of A. E. Housman (Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.
If AEH promulgated antiwar atmospheres in his poems and personal comments, as Terence Allan Hoagwood argues in A. E. Housman Revisited (1995) and Efrati herself notes in "Housman's Military Epitaphs" (HSJ 27: 79-90), part of the timeliness of A Shropshire Lad resided in it s military features, and it captured one large segment of the literary marketplace on just such grounds, as did work of Kipling, Henry Newbolt, and the American Stephen Crane.
Scholarship on A. E. Housman has not been abundant, but HSJ 26 (2000) contains some excellent articles.