Alexander William Kinglake

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Kinglake, Alexander William


Born Aug. 5, 1809, in Taunton, Somersetshire; died Jan. 2,1891, in London. English military historian; political figure. Supporter of the Liberal Party.

Kinglake participated in the Crimean War of 1853–56. His eight-volume work The Invasion of the Crimea, which is based on British, French, and Russian sources, as well as the personal observations of the author, contains abundant factual material about the war. The work’s scholarly significance, however, is reduced by his praise of the British Army, which is carried to absurd lengths.


The Invasion of the Crimea, vols. 1–8. Edinburgh-London, 1863–87.


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In Our Street, Titmarsh asks: 'Has not everybody written an Eastern book?' (11) A. W. Kinglake's Eothen (1844), which Thackeray read at sea between Malta and Athens, was his most famous immediate precursor.