Agner Krarup Erlang

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Agner Krarup Erlang
BirthplaceLønborg, Denmark
Mathematician, statistician, and engineer

Agner Krarup Erlang

(1878-1929) A Danish mathematician. Erlang the language and unit were named after him.

Interested in the theory of probability, in 1908 Erlang joined the Copenhagen Telephone Company where he studied the problem of waiting times for telephone calls.

He worked out how to calculate the fraction of callers who must wait due to all the lines of an exchange being in use. His formula for loss and waiting time was published in 1917. It is now known as the "Erlang formula" and is still in use today.

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A Danish engineer named A.K. Erlang developed the first mathematical models of how lines worked in the early 20th century to complement a new device at the time: the telephone.
They also use Erlang C for staffing levels, which was invented by A.K. Erlang, a Danish mathematician, in 1917.
"But in reality the relationship isn't linear: Small changes in staffing levels often trigger a huge change in response time--for better or worse." Brown points out that the statistical models for forecasting call center response time were developed back in 1917 by the Danish mathematician A.K. Erlang, but are just beginning to show up in software support organizations.