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, A-1, A-one
(of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition


Address 1 code.

An a1 code interpreter, by Matthew Newhook <matthew@engr.mun.ca> was used to test compiler output. It requires gcc 2.4.2 or higher and is portable to computers with memory segment protection.

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But the likely deterioration in debt affordability over the medium term and ongoing concerns about the economy's ability to withstand fiscal consolidation and private sector deleveraging mean its outlook may no longer be consistent with an A1 rating.
At this time, Moody's assigns an (P) A1 rating to the 100 billion yen shelf registration filed with Japanese Ministry of Finance on January 23, 1995.
The A1 rating on the commission's new series of second lien bonds is supported by the airport's position as the nation's seventh largest airport and its large, affluent and economically strong service area.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 30, 1995--Effective Thursday, Moody's Investors Service assigned the A1 rating to the Province of New Brunswick's CANDLRS 200,000,000, 8.
20, 1995--Effective today, Moody's Investors Service confirmed the A1 rating on Quebec's Euro MTN program, in connection with the authorized increase in the program's size from USDLRS 3 billion to USDLRS 4.
HONG KONG: Moody s Investors Service raised the outlook on China s A1 rating to positive from stable on Monday, praising its economic performance in the past year during the global financial crisis.
In the news release, ""Midrug" Rating Company Ratifies A1 Rating for 012 Smile.
The airport said that the City of Phoenix Senior Lien Airport Revenue Bonds Series 1994, 1998, 2002A and 2002B bonds have been upgraded from an A1 rating to Aa3.
On the other hand, the A1 rating also incorporates Moody's expectation that the company is likely to maintain its sound capital structure over the intermediate term,'' the agency said.
The tax-exempt issue, which received an A1 rating by Moody's Investors Service, was priced at yields ranging from 3.
The programme is expected to carry an A1 rating from Standard and Poors and a P1 rating from Moody's.
Moody's Investors Service has assigned an A1 rating with a stable outlook to the proposed issuance of trust certificates (sukuk) by Saudi Electricity Global Sukuk Company, a special purpose vehicle of Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).